ltsmin-reduce [OPTIONS] <input> [<output>]


-s, --strong

Minimize modulo strong bisimulation using the default implementation.

-b, --branching

Minimize modulo branching bisimulation using the default implementation.


When used in combination with branching bisimulation, the result is divergence preserving branching bisimulation.

-c, --copy

Perform a load/store copy.

-l, --lump

Minimize modulo CTMC lumping.


Minimize modulo silent step bisimulation. This bisimulation is a generalization of tau * a bisimulation to arbitrary LTSs.


Minimize the lts modulo strongly connected components of silent steps.


Compute a deterministic version of the given LTS.


Use N segments in the output file.

LTS I/O Options


Size of a block in bytes. Defaults to 32,768.


Number of blocks in a cluster. Defaults to 32.

General Options


Increase the level of verbosity


Be quiet; do not print anything to the terminal.


Enable debugging output for file.


Print version string of this tool.

-h, --help

Print help text


Print short usage summary.


Enable statistics gathering/printing.


Terminate after the given amount of seconds.


Include file and line number in debug messages.


Include the wall time since program start in all messages.